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to participate in a meeting:


1/25/2021 Special BOE Workshop 

Join via Video Conference

Join by Phone:

(669) 900-9128 or

(346) 248-7799

Webinar ID: 841 8098 9667


1/26/2021 BOE Regular Meeting


Join via Video Conference

Join by Phone:

 (669) 900-9128 or 

(346) 248-7799 

Webinar ID: 872 2488 9092

Public Comment for Virtual Board Meetings

To participate in public comment for a virtual meeting, please click the link or the dial the number listed in the left hand column on this page. 

As of the Tuesday, January 21, 2021 Board of Education Meeting, the SRVUSD Board of Education moved our board meetings closer to their traditional format by having the public actively participate in the process by presenting their own public comments.

Public comments are now being submitted electronically. The public present their own comments in real-time via Zoom, over the phone.

Open Session Comments: Public comments on non-agendized items will take place during the Non-agenda Public Comment portion of the meeting. Public comments for agendized items will take place while that item is being addressed as part of the evening’s agenda. 

Closed Session Comments: To comment on Closed Session items, community members will need to log-in or dial-in to the meeting prior to the beginning of Closed Session (check Closed Session times on the Board Meeting agenda), and raise their virtual hand to speak.

How to Participate in the Public Comment Process: 

Upon the opening of an item, an announcement will be made that the opportunity to provide a public comment has begun. 

  1. Access Zoom - Log in or dial into the Zoom meeting. You will join as an attendee and will be able to watch the board meeting. All individual speakers must use their first and last name when logging in. The latest Zoom link, which will change for each meeting, will be visible on the homepage of our website when the agenda for the meeting is posted.

  2. Raise Your Hand - Zoom has a feature that allows participants to virtually raise their hand to speak. When an agenda item is being discussed by the Board, the public will be informed that they have the opportunity to raise their hand to provide a comment on that topic. For non-agendized items, you can raise your hand during the Non-agenda Public Comment period of a regular board meeting. 

  3. State Your Comment - After raising your hand, a moderator will ask you to unmute  your microphone when it is your time to speak. Please unmute your microphone on Zoom and state your full name and then your comment. If you are calling in, the operator will ask you to dial *6 to unmute your microphone when it is your time to speak. Each speaker will be given a maximum of three minutes to present their comments.

  4. After Your Comment - Once your public comment has been made or you have reached the three minute mark, the moderator will mute your microphone and you can resume watching the board meeting as an attendee. You may also log off and view the livestream via our YouTube channel

To comment by video conference, click the “Raise Your Hand” button to request to speak when public comment is being taken on the particular agenda item. You will be unmuted  when it is your turn to speak and will be allowed to make your public comment. After the allotted time, you will be muted again.

Instructions on how to “Raise Your Hand” In-Webinar

To comment by phone, you will be prompted to “Raise Your Hand” by pressing “*9” to request to speak when public comment is being taken on the particular agenda Item. When it is your turn to speak, you will hear a message that says, “You are now unmuted.”  Begin your public comment when you hear the message. After the allotted time, you will be muted again.

Instructions on how to "Raise your Hand" by phone 


We look forward to hearing from you! 



Download the Zoom app for Android
Download the Zoom app for iPhone


Q: Do I need to have a Zoom account to participate? 

No. Anyone can join a meeting using the Zoom mobile apps or desktop applications for Windows and Mac. You will be asked to provide a name and email address when you connect. You may not remain anonymous. You can also access Zoom by phone. Your phone number will not be visible during public comment.


Q: Can I submit my public comment ahead of time via email to be read into the record?

No. We have returned to a system in which the public will read their own comments during board meetings. If you are not comfortable reading your comments, you are always welcome to email the board directly.