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Return To School FAQ


Yes, all SRVUSD students will have a set schedule for remote learning with a daily beginning and ending time.  

All SRVUSD Elementary schools will have the same schedule and elementary students will report at the beginning of the day. 

All SRVUSD middle schools will have the same bell schedule and all SRVUSD high schools will have the same bell schedule.   Students in middle school and high school will be expected to report to individual classes, daily, according to their schedule as they normally would.  

Mondays on all schedules are shortened days in order to allow for teachers to deliver an overview of the week to students and help them prepare for the week in a remote learning environment.  In addition, the afternoon time on Mondays will be devoted to teacher preparation, collaboration and professional development.  

Individual student schedules for elementary, middle and high school students will be available on the Infinite Campus portal on August 12, 2020 at 12 p.m. 


Yes, students enrolled in their home school are required to attend class remotely.  Attendance will be taken daily and by period (for secondary students).  Students not attending will be subject to a student attendance review process.

The first day of school for all SRVUSD students will be on Thursday, August 13, 2020.  August 13 and 14 will be minimum days.

According to the State of California, a student must participate daily in remote activities and learning.   Evidence of participation may include, but is not limited to, attending regularly in a remote classroom, providing evidence of learning through completion of activities and assessments and being in regular contact with their teachers.

Please call your school’s attendance line to report a student who will not be participating in remote learning for a day.  Students will be provided with opportunities to make up learning lost due to absence.

remote teaching and learning

In contrast with the fourth quarter of the 2019-2020 school year, students this year will be remote learning full time with a set schedule, which includes teacher-led instruction, five days per week, and on a regular schedule.  New instructional content on essential standards will be taught, work will be assessed and graded, and attendance will be taken daily.  Students will see a variety of instructional strategies, including direct instruction, small group learning and one on one support.  

Students in the SRVUSD will be expected to learn essential grade level and course standards as they would in an in-person learning environment. Teaching and learning during remote learning will involve a combination of direct and small group instruction and one to one interactions between students and teacher. Students will learn essential standards through a variety of activities and instructional techniques. Students will demonstrate mastery of essential standards through a variety of formative and summative assessments with feedback from their teacher.  

Yes, teaching and learning during remote learning will involve a combination of live interaction and independent and small group learning.  

Yes.  A comprehensive slate of electives will be offered at SRVUSD secondary schools in 2020-2021.  In a few cases, we may not be able to offer certain electives in a remote environment.  Individual school sites will make that determination and provide alternatives or will notify students and families signed up for classes which cannot be offered.

While the state of California did waive instructional minutes requirements for Physical Education, Physical Education has not been waived as a graduation requirement.  SRVUSD will still offer PE for all students K-12.  

Yes, as long as your private/club coach can still fulfill the terms and conditions of the ISPE program. Enrollment in ISPE for the 2020-21 school year is now closed.

The SRVUSD NDC policy remains unchanged for the 2020-2021 school year. Please refer to the Non-District Courses page on the SRVUSD website.

During COVID, official transcripts can be mailed to the attention of the Registrar at your school site. Alternatively, If the institution offers an email option to send it directly to your school, this is acceptable and will be considered an official copy. (Transcripts emailed from a student/parent are not considered official.)

SRVUSD students in Middle and High School will receive A-F grades for the first semester of the 2020- 2021 school year, regardless of whether we are in an in-person or remote environment. Elementary students will continue to be assessed using the SRVUSD Standards Based Report Card. 

Yes. Individual school sites will contact students and families about textbook pickup times and procedures. 

Individual school sites will contact students and families regarding recommended school supplies for remote learning.  

The SRVUSD Homework Policy is unchanged and remains in effect while we are in a Remote Learning environment. Homework Policy

Technology for remote teaching and learning

Every SRVUSD student will need a device with internet access that is capable of logging into Google classroom or other specified online learning platforms.  

Please go to and the District will assist you.  Students who do not have a device or internet access will be provided with either or both by the District

special education

While the District is in a fully remote learning model, all special education related services will likewise be delivered remotely.  All services on a student’s IEP will be delivered in accordance with the IEP. 

By Monday, August 10, 2020, our SELPA Director will start to send to all parents/guardians of students in special education, information that clarifies the specifics around how IEP’s, assessments, program, and related services will be provided.  Information regarding assessment, specialized academic instruction and related services will be disseminated through the week of August 10th via email and will also be posted on our website.

communication with the district

The District will continue to communicate through emails, with Weekly Updates being provided until further notice. Our twitter feed and facebook pages are updated regularly, as is our website.  

Please make sure that your email address in Infinite Campus is current in order to ensure that you receive updates from the District. If you are not receiving emails from the SRVUSD, please email

Comments or concerns can be submitted on the Reopening Together Update Form.  Please note that we do not provide individual responses to this form.

Questions or concerns regarding individual students should be directed toward your school site. Principals, APs, counselors and teachers are all available to help students and families.

social emotional

SRVUSD recognizes the importance of supporting our students’ social and emotional wellbeing.  We will be checking in with students regularly to support them socially and emotionally.  Please reach out to your child’s principal or counselor if you are in need of additional support or resources. We also have a list of resources available to assist families on our website.