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Data Security Statement

Security Statement

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District has a responsibility to protect the personally identifiable information (PII) of its students, parents and staff from disclosure to unauthorized parties. Therefore, SRVUSD has adopted and implemented security policies and internal practices to protect this information.

Data Security

SRVUSD takes security very seriously and has therefore taken every precaution to secure our student and parent information. In order to secure your personally identifiable information we have implemented several security measures to prevent loss, theft, or misuse of any student or parent data.

Features on the SRVUSD website that involve the transfer of personally identifiable information require a secure connection first be established using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. During a secure SSL session, data passed between users' computers and SRVUSD's servers is secured through the use of public key cryptography. The users' computers exchange key information with SRVUSD's computers to create private conversations that only the users' computers and SRVUSD's systems understand. To benefit from this security and to use many of the features on the SRVUSD site, users need to download a 128-bit enabled browser from Microsoft, Safari, or another software company.

When users send email messages to SRVUSD, the return addresses may be used to respond to the inquiries. The content and addresses contained in the messages may be permanently recorded so they can be referenced in future communications between senders and SRVUSD. Email is not a secure means of transmitting information. Do not use any personally identifiable information in email correspondence (such as your SSN).

Use Of Education Technology In Our Schools

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District uses education technology for the following:

  • Student Information Systems
  • Productivity applications
  • Educational applications
  • Fundamental school services

The statement does not cover online services or social media used in a personal capacity and it does not apply to services that are not accessed by students and parents.