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ATHLETICS - Seasons of Sports




Cheer, Sideline, Coed: V, JV, F
Cheer, Competition, Coed (CHS only)

Cross Country, Boys: V, JV
Cross Country, Girls: V, JV

Football: V, JV, F 

Golf, Girls: V

Tennis, Girls: V, JV

Volleyball, Girls: V, JV, F

Waterpolo, Boys: V, JV
Waterpolo, Girls: V, JV

Basketball, Boys: V, JV, F
Basketball, Girls: V, JV, F

Cheer, Song (DH, CH) & Pom (MV, SR), Coed

Wrestling, Coed: V, JV

Soccer, Boys: V, JV, F
Soccer, Girls: V, F/S

Badminton: V

Baseball: V, JV, F

Cheer, Competitive Sport,  Coed 

Golf, Boys: V

Lacrosse, Boys: V, JV
Lacrosse, Girls: V, JV

Softball: V, JV

Swimming & Diving, Boys: V
Swimming & Diving, Girls: V

Tennis, Boys: V, JV

Track & Field, Boys: V, JV
Track & Field, Girls: V, JV

Volleyball, Boys: V, JV




The Fall Sports season for the 2018 School Year begins on Monday July 30th for Football.