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Non-District Courses

Graduation credit for Online, Off Campus and College Courses

If your student is currently taking, or is planning to take, a course outside of SRVUSD to fulfill a high school graduation requirement during the 2018-2019 school year, please complete the form found in this link.  If your student is taking a course for advancement and they are currently enrolled in 9th - 11th grades, they may continue with their course, but will need to complete the online form for course advancement when it becomes available on the SRVUSD website in late January. You must be able to provide/upload proof of enrollment in the course when completing the form found in the link above.  The official transcript for the course must be turned into your student’s counseling office no later than Friday, May 24, 2019.  


Please note that the automated email confirming your student’s submission will be the only confirmation you will receive.  If you have questions regarding this, please contact your student’s counselor.


The SRVUSD Personalized Learning Options provide students with much flexibility and choice.  Please be aware of the following when making choices about your program of study:

When you take a course outside of the district, the content curriculum may differ from same or similar courses offered within SRVUSD.  You may not learn all of the material that is covered in the SRVUSD course.  

In addition, at this time you may or may not be aware of the future colleges to which you might apply during your senior year.  However, you need to be able to make careful and informed decisions.  Please note that many private colleges do not permit students to earn dual credit for college courses taken while in high school.  For example, this means that if a student takes a transferrable course at DVC and elects to place that course/credits/grade onto her/his SRVUSD transcript, then the student attends a private college directly after high school, the student will not be awarded college credit for the course, and will need to retake the course in college.  Ultimately, it is a student's college application GPA that is factored into a college's admissions decision, not her/his high school transcript GPA. GPAs are recalculated by the college during the admissions process, according to the admission requirements for that particular school.  The college application GPA will include all college preparatory work completed at any accredited and approved institution, according to that college's admissions standards. 

Non-District Course Transcript Procedures

Possible Course / Institutions

SRVUSD Non-District Course - Application to place credit on SRVUSD Transcript


ADVANCEMENT - Transcripts for courses taken for advancement are now due to your student's high school counseling office. 

  • No form is needed in order to submit a transcript for advancement purposes only. The deadline to submit transcripts for course advancement is Friday, August 17.
  • If you wish to place credits earned in a course used for advancement on an SRVUSD transcript, complete the form above and turn in by September 14, but you do not need to submit an additional transcript.

ADDING A NON-DISTRICT COURSE TO AN SRVUSD TRANSCRIPT - Transcripts for courses taken outside of SRVUSD to be placed onto the student's SRVUSD transcript are due to the student's high school counseling office by Friday, September 14.  

  • In order to be eligible for placement on the SRVUSD transcript, the course must be completed after June 2, 2018.  Please complete the form in the link above and attach it to your transcript.

Click here for the SRVUSD Non District Course Policy.


Possible Course and Institutions

SRVUSD will provide credit towards graduation for completion of accredited online courses, off-campus courses and college courses. A total of 40 credits from non-district courses can be included on the official SRVUSD transcript.


  • Students are able to put up to 40 credits of non-SRVUSD coursework on their high school transcript.

    • Heritage language school credits are not included in the 40-credit total.

    • SRVUSD summer school courses taken for remediation, high school graduation requirement completion, or summer advancement are not included in the 40-credit total.

    • A 1 to 2 credit college course is the equivalent to 5 SRVUSD credits.  A 3 credit course (or higher) is the equivalent to 10 SRVUSD credits.


  • Students will have two opportunities each year to submit official transcripts in order for  non-SRVUSD coursework credit to be placed on their SRVUSD transcripts:

    • September 15 for the previous spring and summer semesters.

    • March 1 for the fall semester of the current academic year.

    • The form for submitting non-SRVUSD coursework will be available in the fall.


  • Once a non-SRVUSD course has been placed onto a student’s official SRVUSD transcript, it cannot be removed.


  • A student taking a graduation requirement outside of SRVUSD (e.g. Algebra I) must place that grade on the transcript.


  • It is the responsibility of the parent/student to determine if the non-District course is accepted by the UC/CSU system, private colleges and universities, out-of-state institutions, or NCAA as fulfilling entrance requirements. It is the responsibility of the parent/student to check with an admissions officer from each campus to which you intend to apply.


  • Courses taken through providers that are WASC-accredited as Supplementary Ed will not be accepted for credit.


  • SRVUSD will not proctor outside exams.

Summer Options:

  • SRVUSD High School Summer School
  • DVC Summer School (Hosted by SRVUSD)

  • Outside SRVUSD Summer School Classes

  • For more information, see:  Summer Learning Programs

Middle School Students:

  • Eighth grade students are welcome to start (and complete) a course for advancement in the spring; however, it will not be put on the student’s high school transcript for credit (a note will be made in the comments section: “math course taken for advancement”, if applicable)

  • If current eighth grade students wish for a summer course to be put on their high school transcript, they must complete the course after they promote from middle school, in the summer after eighth grade.

Weighted Class (Board Policy):

According to School Board Policy:

(1) Grades from non-district courses will be weighted if:

(a) The equivalent course is offered and weighted in SRVUSD or

(b) A comparable course is not offered and the course being taken is transferable to the UC and/or CSU systems for college credit.