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Debbie Petish

Debbie Petish, Executive Director Curriculum & Instruction


Gabriela McVay 925-552-2916  Executive Secretary 

Instructional Materials

Approved textbooks, novels and online subscriptions

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SRVUSD Textbook Replacement Policy

Students are responsible for returning all textbooks, instructional materials and novels loaned to them for the school year. If students do not return the materials loaned (checked out ) to them, they will be charged a replacement fee to replace the lost edition(s).  In order to assure that we are getting the correct book, we are unable to accept replacement books purchased online or at bookstores.  There are often many editions of the same book available, as well as California vs National editions that appear to be an exact match outwardly, however, the content can, and does, vary. Also, used books available on Amazon often arrive with missing pages, and/or damage that causes the book to be unusable.  To ensure that we get the correct edition that exactly matches the one that was lost, our District textbook clerk will order a replacement from one of our reliable vendors. 

Students who do not return District Instructional Materials will be assessed a reparation amount  based on the replacement cost of the book(s).  This assessment will remain with the student throughout his/her tenure with the school district until reparation has been made.

Per Board Policy (AR 5125.2) and California Education Code (EC 48904 and 48904.3), the district may withhold grades, diplomas or transcripts from the student and parent/guardian until reparation is made. 

Refund Policy: If a parent/student locates a lost book that was paid for, parents may return the book to their student's school within 90 days of payment in order to request a refund.  Books located and returned after 90 days from the date of the payment will not be refunded, as a replacement will have already been ordered.