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Health Educators

Our goals are:
  • to promote the health and well-being of school children
  • to provide for optimal educational experiences
The health educator/school nurse is a registered nurse who has completed additional educational requirements and possesses a current credential in school nursing, a public health credential, and a school audiometrist certificate.

School nurses strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of children. Activities include the identification and removal or modification of health-related barriers to learning in individual children.

The major focus of school health services is the prevention of illness and disability and the early detection and correction of health problems.

The health educator/school nurse is specially prepared in preventative health, health assessment and referral procedures.
Health Services Team


Ken Nelson, Director of Student Services


Helen Burrows, Department Secretary


District Nurses

Kathy Rooney, Coordinator


Michelle Berry


Alyson Campbell


Sarah Coleman


Beth Crook


Tracy Fernandez


Rosa Harnetiaux


Niko Holmes


Deanna Karlson


Anju Lashkari


Nancy Sheets