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Preschool Programs

New Student Enrollment for Special Education Infant & Preschool - ASSESSment and services

All new students enrolling to be assessed or to participate in our special education infant & preschool programs must first complete the online enrollment process.  Once the on-line enrollment process is completed, the Special Education staff will contact you regarding your next steps. If you have questions, please contact Bharathi Harapanahalli at

Please use the link provided below to access instructions and the link to the new student online enrollment application.

Click here for instructions on completing the Online Enrollment for new students and to access links to the online application.

Please be sure you have reviewed the enrollment requirements and information on the following topics:

Your enrollment is not complete until Special Education Department staff have reviewed your application and confirmed completion. All documents, aside from the New Parent Questionnaire, are uploaded into your online enrollment application. Please submit your new parent questionnaire to Bharathi Harapanahalli in Special Education at Our Special Education Department is located at 699 Old Orchard Dr, Building D, in Danville. Your enrollment package consists of the following documents: 

 Incomplete enrollment packages will not be accepted.