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Return/Repair Tech Equipment

Return/Repair Tech Equipment Procedures
  1. End user enters a work order  via SRVUSD Portal 
  2. Site tech receives work order and evaluates the issue
  3. If the site tech cannot fix issue, they must escalate the  work order to Computer Help Desk. Please include serial number, asset number, detailed description of the issue, and any other pertinent information (including your intent to return and acceptance or related charges). 
  4. If it is determined that your device needs to be sent out for return or repair please place the device in the school front office for pick up by the warehouse staff. 
    1. Site techs must tag/reference the work order number (WO#) on the device in order to identify the return when it arrives in Computer Support. In addition to labeling the package with the work order number, the name of the person assigned the work order should able be present. NOTE: No devices should be sent to Computer Support (either in person or via the Warehouse) until the work order has been assigned.
    2. Warehouse will NOT pick up any return items that aren't properly tagged with the work order number from SchoolDude.
    3. Under no circumstances should the site schedule a UPS/FedEx pick up directly from the school site.
  5. Equipment should be picked up and delivered to Computer Support by Warehouse staff. If for any reason the site needs to drop the equipment directly, the site tech must contact Computer Support to make arrangements. This will ensure staffing is available to receive the equipment and document its work order number. Tagging and identification of the work order must still be present in this case for acceptance.
  6. Computer support will notify the Warehouse when the device is ready to go back to the site. Warehouse will pick up the device from Computer Support for proper completion of site delivery receipts and placement on the line as needed. Equipment will be delivered back to the site after repair on their regularly scheduled delivery day unless other arrangements/requests have been made.