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After School Enrichment Guidelines

Before and After School Enrichment Program Guidelines

Below are two options for enrichment programs at SRVUSD:

Alternative #1

  1. School contracts with Provider directly by using the SRVUSD Independent Contractor Procedure.  The SRVUSD Independent Contractor and Service Provider Agreement can be accessed through the district's Staff Library.  
  2. After school site/department completes and signs the contract, it must be sent to the SRVUSD Business Services for review and approval (fingerprinting and insurance will be required).
  3. As an alternate to hiring a Provider, schools may utilize district staff (teachers) for programs.  Teachers must be paid through district payroll at the hourly teacher rate.  A personnel request must be processed and approved in advance and a copy of the personnel request should be attached to each timesheet when forwarded to payroll.
  4. Flyers or school websites may be used to solicit interest in the program but only after all flyer and/or website verbiage is approved by the Superintendent’s Office.
  5. Fees cannot be charged for participating in the program.  You may request a “suggested donation” amount to cover the cost but the program must be equally available to all students whether or not a donation is provided.


Alternative #2

  1. Provider of the program (individual, non-profit or for-profit organization) arranges use of classroom or other school campus facility through the district facility use procedure.  Providers can access the facility use procedure through the district website by going to the SRVUSD home page and under the “Community” tab, select “Facility Use/Rental”.  Provider will be required to pay applicable use fees, provide insurance, etc.
  2. The school may assist by distributing flyers or by adding information to the school website about the program but only after all other criteria is met and all flyer and/or website verbiage is approved by the Superintendent’s Office.
  3. All financial transactions, registration procedures, etc., must occur between the parent/guardian and the Provider.