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Resources for Podcasting teachers

 California Content Standards Database

I really like using this database to search the content standards rather than looking at static documents.  The one I use over and over again is located on CLRNs website.  There is a lot more available at this resource so if you have time, be sure to check it out.

The Library of Congress

Materials found at the Library of Congress website are royalty free.  Students should still credit the author/publisher and state where the resource came from when they use it.  This site is loaded with primary resources.  The digital collection and the American Memory section I have used quite often.  Here is a link just to the prints and photographs division of the Library.

Flikr "Creative Commons" license

Flikr members can  license their works so that one can use or remix their work as long as they are sited as the author.  To look for such images, you will need to first have a Flikr account and then you will need to do an advanced search. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and check "Creative Commons" license before entering your key word or tag search.  

Evaluating student projects that use technology

My students did a lot of projects that used various technology tools.  I was very careful to give the students very specific expectations with regard to the evaluation of the project at the time I introduced the project. The assignment sheet was also their evaluation sheet complete with check boxes.  I separated the technology skills from the core content.  How much technology is incorporated into the overall evaluation is up to you.