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SRVUSD Vape-Free Schools Parent Ed Evenings
Posted 10/14/19


The SRVUSD wants to be a Vape-Free school district. To that end, the District has launched a multi-pronged approach to address the issue of student vaping: 

  • Increase prevention programs in our schools through education and awareness

  • Support students and families that are already involved with vaping

  • Install Vape Detectors to deter student e-cigarette and vape use on our campuses

To increase awareness and provide education, the District has arranged several presentations with ex-California High School student Nate Biggs, who is an expert in this field.  Nate will give his presentation, “The Truth about Vaping!” to 7th and 8th grade students at several of our middle schools, as well as present at parent education nights to the PTAs at several of our high schools. Registration Information for the Parent Nights can be found on the Council PTA website.


In the SRVUSD, relevant and current anti-vaping curriculum is provided to our middle school science and high school health students with plans to begin implementation of a 5th Grade Anti-Vape Curriculum in the future.  The ultimate goal is to educate our students on the dangers of vaping before they start using.


Additionally, because of the addictive nature of nicotine, we recognize that we must do more than punish students that may be dealing with addiction from vaping. When SRVUSD students are caught using or in possession of a vaping device, they are referred to a 4-hour Saturday Anti-Vape education class as an alternative to suspension for a first offense.  Parental involvement for these students is critical.


Finally, we plan to install Vape Detectors in restrooms on our secondary sites. The devices we are installing are on the Wi-Fi network so that the school administrators, monitors or SROs will know when students are vaping in the moment, at that particular location. While these devices may not prevent students from vaping elsewhere, we are hoping they will assist us in decreasing vaping on our campuses.