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Personalized Learning

Graduation Credit for Online, Off Campus and College Courses

If your student is currently taking, or is planning to take, a course outside of SRVUSD to fulfill a high school graduation requirement during the 2018-2019 school year, please complete the form found in this link.  If your student is taking a course for advancement and they are currently enrolled in 9th - 11th grades, they may continue with their course, but will need to complete the online form for course advancement when it becomes available on the SRVUSD website in late January. You must be able to provide/upload proof of enrollment in the course when completing the form found in the link above.  The official transcript for the course must be turned into your student’s counseling office no later than Friday, May 24, 2019.  

NDC Enrollment Link

Please note that the automated email confirming your student’s submission will be the only confirmation you will receive.  If you have questions regarding this, please contact your student’s counselor.

Non-District Course Transcript Procedures

Please see Non-District Course page for important Disclaimers.


SRVUSD Non-District Course - Application to place credit on SRVUSD Transcript


ADVANCEMENT - Transcripts for courses taken for advancement are now due to your student's high school counseling office. 

  • No form is needed in order to submit a transcript for advancement purposes only. The deadline to submit transcripts for course advancement is Friday, August 17.
  • If you wish to place credits earned in a course used for advancement on an SRVUSD transcript, complete the form above and turn in by September 14, but you do not need to submit an additional transcript.

ADDING A NON-DISTRICT COURSE TO AN SRVUSD TRANSCRIPT - Transcripts for courses taken outside of SRVUSD to be placed onto the student's SRVUSD transcript are due to the student's high school counseling office by Friday, September 14.  

  • In order to be eligible for placement on the SRVUSD transcript, the course must be completed after June 2, 2018.  Please complete the form in the link above and attach it to your transcript.

Click here for the SRVUSD Non District Course Policy.


Possible Courses and Institutions

For the 2018-2019 school year, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District will implement new Personalized Learning options at our middle and high schools. The intent of these options is to provide flexibility and options for middle and high school students and families, increase overall student wellness, and ultimately improve  working conditions for staff by lowering class sizes at our middle and high schools.


Based on feedback from students, parents, staff and board members, we have refined these options over the past five  months. In the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing more details and specifics with our middle and high school students, staff and parents. Information will also be shared at the Course Registration Information Nights at each high school.

New in 2018-2019 for Middle Schools


Option to Take 6 or 7 Classes

Middle school students (and families) will have the option of taking 6 or 7 classes. No student would have to reduce the number of classes from 7 unless they choose to do so.


Summer Option for Promoted 8th Graders

Upon completing 8th grade, students will be eligible to take summer school courses that will appear on their high school transcript and will count towards high school graduation credit.

New in 2018-2019 for High Schools


Graduation Credit for Online, Off-Campus and College Courses

SRVUSD will provide credit towards graduation for completion of accredited online courses, off-campus courses and college courses. A total of 40 credits from non-district courses can be included on the official SRVUSD transcript.


Summer School Program through SRVUSD

SRVUSD is expanding its 2018 summer school program to offer remediation, advancement, and courses needed for graduation requirements. A separate email will be going out soon about SRVUSD’s 2018 High School Summer School Program.


Expanded Heritage School Program

The Heritage School Program provides credit towards graduation for world languages that are not currently taught at SRVUSD schools. We will expand the current course and language offerings.



Student internships will be eligible for credit towards graduation on official SRVUSD transcripts.


Number of Credits Needed for Graduation

Beginning with the Class of 2019, the total number of credits required for graduation has been reduced from 240 to 220 by reducing the elective requirement by 20 credits.


Change in the Minimum Six-Period Day Requirement for High School Students
Starting in the 2018-19 school year, the minimum six-period day requirement will be   reduced to a minimum five-period period day to allow students more flexibility in their schedules and to align with  the reduction in the number of credits required for graduation. As a result, students will be able to take 5, 6 or 7 on-campus courses in high school.


New in 2018-2019 for Both Middle and High Schools


Flexible Physical Education Requirements

SRVUSD will provide flexible PE credits for Independent Study Physical Education (grades 6-12), Marching Band PE (grades 10-12), and Athletic PE (grades 10-12).


School Loop Daily Emails

School Loop daily emails will continue to be an option. Beginning in 2018-2019, parents who register for School Loop will need to opt-in to choose to receive daily emails. The current default is that parents who register for School Loop receive a daily email and that they have to opt-out to avoid receiving them. Whether or not they choose to receive daily School Loop emails, parents will continue to have full access to School Loop via the Internet and the School Loop app.


Flexible School Start/End Times

Middle and high school principals have surveyed students, parents and staff to determine interest in flexible start/end times. Based on this feedback, some schools may choose to move forward with flexible start/end times in 2018-2019. Schools will be communicating directly with their communities regarding next steps.

Personalized Learning

Vision of Personalized Learning

  • Increase student, staff and family options
  • Improve student wellness
  • Reduce class size with no increase in general fund expense


1. Please check the FAQ page to see if your question is answered there.


2. If your question was not on the FAQ page, please contact your school counselor.

Due to an anticipated high volume of questions, please allow additional response time.