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Physical Education

P.E. In Action

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District has a great deal to be proud of; in addition to providing an outstanding core academic experience, our district also is known for our excellent Physical Education Departments, K-12.   Beginning in kindergarten our district’s students are encouraged to move and interact as they  begin their development to reach fitness standards.  The SRVUSD School Board and Superintendent support P.E. for all students district wide.  

For the past 12 years, elementary P.E. Specialists have been meeting each month to discuss and assess our programs to better meet the physical fitness needs of our students.  Upper grade P.E. instructors take advantage of collaborative opportunities as well within site departments and district-wide workshops.   

A TSA (Teacher on Special Assignment) or Lead teacher is appointed each year to mentor our district's P.E. and Special Programs educators. The result of this teamwork is our district’s high performing scores as measured by the State of California each year.  All 5th, 7th and 9th graders are tested by the California State ”FITNESSGRAM” and our district results exceeds the state average. 


Starting new at golf  SNAG

SNAG offers schools the possibility to broaden their physical education through the integration of golf. Thus giving all children the chance to test this great sport. This opportunity doesn’t only make physical education more attractive, but also offers the possibility to find hidden talents and to support them. Through the golf training the children can learn pedagogically important values like fair-play, consideration, discipline, concentration and coordination.

Prior to the 2016-17 school year this incredible international program chose the San Ramon Valley Unified School District to receive a full set of SNAG equipment for use at the elementary level. Elementary schools will continue to use the equipment on a rotating basis allowing students at each site the opportunity to experience this unique teaching aid for years to come!

Check out more at Snaggolf

Tenacity Project

Tenacity Project

During the 2016-17 school year elementary and middle school physical education teachers spent a professional development day training with coaches for the Tenacity Project. The Tenacity Project focuses on providing extraordinary training for girls lacrosse in the Bay Area, offering a wide variety of teams and camps throughout the year. 

Coaches with professional and collegiate lacrosse experience trained SRVUSD physical education teachers in the history, rules, skills and safety of the game. Coaches even ran the teachers through a variety of skill-based stations and small area games during the course of the training at California High School. 

Following the training, the Tenacity Project generously donated class sets of lacrosse sticks and lacrosse balls to a number of SRVUSD schools. This donated equipment will give students across the district the opportunity to experience the sport of lacrosse for year to come!

Check out more at Tenacity Project


Presentation by members of the Tenacity Project

During a SRVUSD Professional Development Day teachers hear a presentation by members of the Tenacity Project before testing their skills.

Physical Education Team


Jon Campopiano, Executive Director, Secondary


Dwight Pratt, Physical Education Mentor


Activities to Improve Physical Fitness Test Scores

Click below for information on how to improve your student's Physical Fitness Test scores.

Physical Fitness Test