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Observations and collaboration with teachers to provide intervention supports

Teacher coaching in delivering instructional strategies

  • Universal Design
  • CLRTL Strategies
  • Accommodations

Co-teaching training through whole group, small group, and individualized curriculum support

Support with adapting curriculum as needed

  • Scaffolding lessons
  • Individualized instruction
  • Positive behavior support strategies
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Accommodations
  • Student-centered and led small group tutorials

Reading Assessment Training/Support

Support with implementation of RTI models

Participate in student planning meetings with the general education teacher(s)

Leveled book club implementation

Staff Development

What are the benefits of intervention and inclusion?
  • Increase achievement across curriculum
  • Greater access to curriculum
  • Increase inclusion in future environments
  • Prepare all students for postsecondary education and training
  • Higher expectations
  • Increase school staff collaboration
  • Increase understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of diversity
  • Respect for all people
  • All students needs are better met
How does CLRTL support students?
  • Attention Signals for transitions as well as protocols for movement provide support and structure for rules, assignments and responsibilities
  • Use of movement activities such as games to maintain student interest and integrating movement as an intentional part of a lesson
  • Incorporating many modalities into the learning process provides opportunities to say, hear, write, read and act out important concepts and information
  • Providing class time for peer interaction

All Our Students Are

ALL OUR Students