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English Learner Support Services

Deanna Zappia
English Learner Contact

Deanna Zappia
ELD/ELA Coordinator

Christopher George
Director of Instruction

Debbie Petish
Executive Director
Curriculum & Instruction

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District is committed to educating our English Learners in order for them to become proficient in English as rapidly as possible so they can have success in the academic programs available to all students.

Integrated ELD Program Description

Integrated ELD will occur throughout the day and across all content areas. Teachers will use the CA ELD standards in tandem with the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy and other content standards to support their ELS to learn rich content and develop advanced levels of English. In support of this goal, SRVUSD will ensure that all teachers from elementary through high school will engage in professional learning in designing rigorous content-based units and lessons which adhere to the principles of effective instructional experiences.

Instructional Strategies Used to support ELls in the classroom
  1. Scaffolding to build background knowledge in all content areas
  2. Interactive and engaging lessons that provide meaningful, relevant, and intellectually challenging experiences.
  3. Vocabulary rich lessons 
  4. Integration of EL specific learning program (Lexia English)
  5. Value and build on a student's primary language and culture and other forms of prior knowledge
  6. Develop content knowledge and use of academic English
  7. Examine texts and tasks used for instruction to identify challenging language for English Learners
  8. Lead learners to analyze text features and functions
  9. Highlight and discuss language resources
  10. Observe students to see how they use language resources
  11. Adjust group instruction or work with individual students to provide support.
  12.  English Learner Identifying Characteristics Chart: What teachers/students can do at each level.
Parent Advisory Committees

ELAC - English Learner Advisory Committee

California schools with 21 or more English Learners are required to establish a functioning English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) on programs and services for English Learners.

The purpose of the ELAC (or subcommittee, if appropriate) is to advise the principal and school staff on programs and services for ELs and the School Site Council on the development of the Single School Plan for Student Achievement. ELAC also assists the school on other tasks listed below. The ELAC assists in the school’s needs assessment and the school’s annual language census (R-30 Report).

DELAC - District English Learner Advisory Committee

San Ramon Valley Unified School District has 51 or more English Learners enrolled; therefore, the district has established a functioning District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) on programs and services for English Learners. DELAC provides district-wide input on programs for English learners.