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SAT/ACT Testing Update
Posted 9/18/20

There was much discussion at the Board of Education Meeting last Tuesday evening about SAT/ACT testing for SRVUSD students. We are pleased to be able to respond to Board and community input with a revised plan for testing. Here is our proposed path forward:



SRVUSD will offer the SAT paper and pencil, math and verbal (with essay) test for SRVUSD students only on Tuesday, October 27, during the school day, at each student’s respective high school campus. The test will be offered to SRVUSD students in the 12th grade. Because we are offering the exam to 12th grade students in the SRVUSD only on October 27, we will no longer be an SAT test center on December 5, 2020, as was discussed at the Board of Education Meeting as part of our original plan.


Key Implementation Details:


  • Registering: The District will reach out to SRVUSD 12th grade students very soon with specific information, including how to register. The registration window is from Friday, September 25th to Friday, October 9th.Since this test date is for SRVUSD students only, all SRVUSD 12th graders who want to take the test, and sign up within the registration window, will be able to register.  Please watch your email for future testing-related communications. 


  • Test Time: The test will take place on the morning of October 27th. It is a five hour exam. 


  • Proctors: We will potentially need up to 200 proctors on the day of the test. We will recruit proctors from within SRVUSD internal staff and from our AP test proctor pool. After recruiting from these two sources, if we do not have enough proctors, we may need to recruit from within the community to fill the gap. There are additional steps involved with using parent/community proctors. There will be more information provided on this topic if the need arises. There is a cost for proctors.This cost will be factored into the cost of taking the exam.


  • Payment: Similar to the way the District handles the AP test, we will be using Achievement Point Test Service (APTS) to assist with the ordering and money handling process. The exact cost to take the exam has not been finalized, but will be sent along with registration information. If a student has a financial hardship, SRVUSD will waive the exam fee.


  • Attendance: SRVUSD 12th graders will be given an excused absence to attend the test during the school day on October 27.


  • Make-up Tests: There will be no make-up tests for the October 27 exam.


  • Test Accommodations: Students who require test accommodations per the guidelines set by the College Board will be accommodated.


  • Safety: The SRVUSD will be observing all County Health Department Guidelines that are in place at the time of the exam. 



For students who want to take the ACT, the SRVUSD will open one of our campuses on December 12th as an ACT Test Center.  This test center will be open to any student, SRVUSD and non-SRVUSD, who wants to take the ACT exam.  It is possible that the ACT may be offering a remote testing option for students, but this plan has not been formally released. We will continue to provide updated information as it becomes available. 


We will be sending additional communications about testing in the days to come. Please watch your email closely, as we are up against hard deadlines and the turnaround time may be quick on some of the action items. In addition to email, we will post information on official SRVUSD social media sites: and Twitter @SRVUSD1.


Questions about testing should be directed to