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SRVUSD Coronavirus Update 3/8/2020
Posted 3/8/20


The situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing rapidly. Yesterday, Saturday, March 7, 2020, the California Department of Public Health released revised guidelines for schools. The SRVUSD continues to monitor this evolving situation and remains prepared to adjust our protocols as the situation warrants. 


As a follow up to last week’s communication about our plans going forward, we wanted to inform you about the steps we are currently taking to protect staff and students.

  • We have over 150 custodial staff members currently trained in best practices for cleaning and sanitizing

  • Our custodial staff is prioritizing wiping down high touch areas in schools

  • We are well stocked with our disinfectant, which you can learn more about on this information sheet.

  • We have ordered additional quantities of supplies that may be needed

  • We have a specialized team of employees trained and ready to deploy in case of exposure or need to deep clean a site

  • We have prioritized making sure hand soap is available, dispensers are full and we are well-supplied

  • We have over 250 child nutrition staff members currently trained in food handling safety practices

  • Child nutrition staff will continue to follow strict food safety standards when preparing and serving food, such as: washing hands frequently, wearing disposable gloves,  utilizing proper food handling practices, disinfecting surfaces and ensuring proper pot\pan sanitizing washing procedures  

  • All food, including on the salad bar, will be pre-packaged or served individually 

  • Water containers will be kept behind the serving line 

  • Only prepackaged utensils will be provided in the lunch rooms

  • We are recommending that students use water fountains only to refill water containers

  • Students will be reminded and provided time to wash hands before coming into the lunch area

  • Many items, like hand sanitizer, are in high demand and may not be readily available

We want to emphasize that in partnership with you, we are doing everything we can to keep the schools of the SRVUSD safe places for our staff and students. We remain in close contact with the county, state and federal agencies governing protocols around this public health issue and we remain in compliance with all recommendations. We will continue to provide you with updates as the situation merits.


As always, in an effort to prevent bullying and discrimination, we remind you to remain respectful of one another and refrain from speculation about who may or may not pose a risk. Additionally, we want to take a moment to acknowledge our dedicated staff members who work hard to keep our schools and students safe during this time. Crises like this require the ability to change and evolve in a fluid situation when multiple agencies are making recommendations.  We are proud of our staff members’ commitment and flexibility to provide what is best for our students.