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Budget and Negotiations #5 | Side-by-Side Proposals
Posted 2/26/20


The discussions about the District’s negotiations with San Ramon Valley Education Association (SRVEA) continue in our community.  We wanted you to see what the District and SRVEA have proposed so that you can better understand what is left to resolve. However, while the District and SRVEA continue to work out the details of an acceptable contract settlement, we want to remind you of the bigger picture underlying our current negotiations: 

  1. After several successful bargaining sessions this fall, SRVUSD and SRVEA have already reached Tentative Agreements on several contract articles, including: Leaves, Peer Assistance and Review, Non-discrimination, Association Rights, Resignation, Organizational Security and Personal and Academic Freedom. 

  2. The San Ramon Valley Unified School District remains one of the best districts in the Bay Area and the state in which to be employed. We offer highly competitive salaries and fully-paid health benefits for full-time employees. We have safe, modern, and well-maintained facilities. We have eager and engaged students and tremendous parent and community support for and involvement in our schools.

  3. We will find common ground on the remaining issues and eventually move on from the angst that has dominated the District culture around negotiations in recent months. 

Your Board of Education Members want you to know that they care about your children and their education. They care about the quality of the public schools in the community in which they live. The Board is committed to working with SRVEA members, whom they respect and admire greatly, to come to an agreement that meets their needs and maintains or improves the learning environment for students, while remaining mindful of their responsibility as elected leaders to make sound financial decisions, even when it is not the popular thing to do.


Please see the chart below for a side-by-side representation of the District’s and SRVEA’s most recent proposals on the articles which are still open.