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Extension of Board Timeline for Trustee Area Maps
Posted 2/19/19


The San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD) has extended the window for public input on proposed trustee-area maps, pursuant to Elections Code section 10010, subdivision (a)(2).  New public comment agenda items have been scheduled for February 19th and February 21st.  The February 21st meeting will be held in the ,Dougherty Valley at Dougherty Valley High School - Library starting at 7:00 pm.  The public continues to be welcomed and is encouraged to attend the meetings to give feedback on the proposed maps.  The public is also encouraged to continue providing feedback through the dedicated email established exclusively for this process.


The San Ramon Valley Unified School District’s Board of Education is currently elected under an “at-large” election system, where trustees are elected by voters of the entire District. On December 11, 2018, the Board adopted Resolution #48-18/19, declaring its intent to transition from at-large to by-trustee area board elections, where each board member must reside within the designated trustee area boundary, and is elected only by the voters in that trustee area.


On January 8, 2019, after two public hearings to gather community input on the trustee-area map creation process, the Board adopted Resolution #51-18/19, establishing the criteria to guide the District’s demographers in preparing draft trustee area boundary maps. On January 17, 2019, the District published two proposed trustee area maps on the its website. Public Hearings were held on January 24 and February 14 to receive community input on the proposed trustee-area maps.  Based on community input, the Board published two additional maps on February 14th, as well as an alternate map submitted by petitioner, Scott Rafferty.


On February 21, 2019, the Board may consider choosing a preferred trustee-area boundary map and may adopt a resolution approving the transition to Trustee-Areas, which may then be submitted to the County Committee for consideration.  


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