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Alternative Education Redesign
Posted 1/24/19

We want to share with you that for the 2019-2020 school year, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District is redesigning our alternative education model. We believe that we can better meet the needs of our students by capitalizing on the expertise of staff and the use of facilities for our Venture Independent Study School and Del Amigo High School programs. We plan to place both the Del Amigo and Venture programs on the Venture campus in the Dougherty Valley.


As you may have heard by now, the SRVUSD is experiencing declining enrollment that is expected to last well into the years to come. That decline has been most prevalent at the elementary level and in our alternative education programs. As our enrollment declines, so does our revenue. As this loss of revenue begins to have profound impacts on the District, we must seek out ways to preserve and strengthen the valuable offerings at our schools while maintaining a strong financial position.


The San Ramon Valley Unified School District is proud of our long history of meeting the needs of all of our students through our alternative education programs at both Del Amigo and at Venture. We all know that not all student needs are the same. Offering alternative education options is crucial if we are to truly serve every child. As a District, we are committed to this philosophy.


The programs at Venture and Del, while unique, have some commonality. Both programs preserve a more independent model that allows students to grow and learn at the pace that is right for them and their individual circumstances. Both programs have dedicated educators who develop and nurture strong bonds with their students in a smaller setting. Both programs have the respect and support of the District, the families who are enrolled, the students who attend and the educators who teach them.


Our plan is to preserve what is currently being done at Venture and Del Amigo and build upon those great foundations to make the programs even better while ensuring no loss of district employment for any Del Amigo or Venture staff member. The Adult Transitions program will remain at the Del Amigo campus under the leadership and supervision of the Special Education Department, but the rest of the programs currently housed at the Del Amigo campus will move to the Venture campus. Principal Amy Oss will continue as the principal of the new combined site. Both programs will retain their current names.


Combining these schools onto one campus will enable the District to enhance both programs educationally for students.  For example, currently, Venture students do not have access to elective or Career Technical Education (CTE) courses. Under the new model, they could take an elective or CTE course offered by a Del Amigo teacher.  We also plan to expand online learning opportunities for both schools and to offer opportunities for internships and other school-to-work or school-to-college programs. The close proximity of the Venture campus to the San Ramon DVC campus provides greater opportunities for students to be dually enrolled in community college. We believe these, and other expanded learning opportunities, will only serve to enhance the great work being done in our alternative education programs.


We are looking forward to expanded opportunities and experiences for all of our alternative education students.